Do You Know About Those 7 Make-up Mistakes, Which If You Will Do, Can Make You Look Older?

Applying make-up on face is hobby of some and some do it, out of public demand, to look good. Yes, some love to do make-up, love to enhance their features, with makeup; but, some do it out of obligation, towards certain people; who put stress on their mind, to do make up; saying that they does not look good, without make-up.
Do you know about those 7 Make-up Mistakes, which if you will do, can Make you Look Older?
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So, for whatever reason you do make-up; the thing is that it should be used right way because, if you used it wrong way; then it can harm your skin, which can make your skin older. Yes, there are some make-up mistakes, which you if done; can make you look much older than your age; by harming your skin, to extent that make it look aged.

So, which are these make up mistakes that you must avoid doing, to avoid looking older than your age?

Well they are-

1) Using wrong make up, of inferior quality-

Yes, 1st blunder people most often make

is, of using wrong make up; by buying make up of inferior quality; just because it was cheap in rate. But, while buying cheap rate make-up, they forget that it is not only cheap in rate; but cheap in quality, too. It contains skin destroying chemicals, making skin look much older than its actual age.

2) Using make up of expired date-

Yes, some people use make-up beyond, expiry date. Sometimes, they do it out of ignorance and sometimes, they do it willingly; just to save money, to buy new makeup. But, they do not know that using make-up beyond expiry date; do much more harm than the makeup, of inferior quality.

3) Using make up, not according to skin type-

Using make up meant for oily skin, on dry skin; will make dry skin, much more rough and stretched; which make it look, much older than its original age.

4) Using make up, on unprepared skin-

That is, applying make-up on, un-cleaned dirty skin. Yes, it is very

much necessary to wash the skin, before applying make-up on it. Because, if you use the make-up on un-cleaned skin; then it will over clog your skin pores, which are already clogged by dirt. In over clog pores of skin, develop acne, black heads, whiteheads; which make your skin bad and also make it look much older than your actual age.

5) Using lot of make-up on skin, beyond acceptable range-

Yes, some people does not know, right way of applying make-up, on skin or over-apply it, in excess; which clogs pores of skin and clogged pores, in which way make skin look older; in what way that I told you, in last point.

6) Not removing make-up, before going to sleep-

It cause skin look much aged, but also harming it; by going deep in skin, through skin pores, which open during sleep.

7) Removing make up, with wrong way-

Yes, makeup should be removed gently, with gentle cream based cleanser and not with soap. Because cleaning it with soap, may over dry skin and make your skin, look older than its actual age.

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